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which is fine if youre super organised. Comments comments 14, shares, dawn T06:30:3900:00, living in New Zealand, comments Off on The Coupon Culture of New Zealand! This site is good for finding last minute deals on activities and family days out. Coming from most other countries, this will be hard a hard adjustment to make but you dont have many other options. 14, shares, something that New Zealand and the UK have in common is the love of a good bargain. If you dont tend to plan that far ahead, however, then you might like to check out these useful sites outlining some of the different coupon, discount and membership options. Online incentives are just too great to look elsewhere. Either that, or the distinct climate difference is keeping people inside! Join the Entertainment Book, what other differences have you found between the UK and NZ when it comes to shopping?

cgos coupon culture

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These markets are the UKs equivalent of a car boot sale, and people can find a range of items from flowers, fruit and veg, second hand goods as well as new clothes. Due to the lack of products and companies existing online, you are forced to adapt to this way of purchasing which, essentially, is limited to markets, shops and coupons. With this one, however, you can only buy from clubs so scouts, schools and charity organisations, so get asking around! Saturday must dovisit the markets! The birth of Ebay has seen this way of shopping for goods in the UK change. Theres a whole array of sites available now to help people find exactly what they want and for the best price.

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