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the training sessions. The classification of different modes of performing the shooting exercise (shooting at the flying target) based on the motor and ideomotor technique (visual-muscular exercise performing, visual-mental exercise performing and mental exercise performing has been suggested. In this article the influence of psychological preparation, through the methods of autologous and ideomotor training, the result of competitive activity skaters. Coe, the social model. Snegirevs name is now forgotten and his contribution is not fully appreciated. Summary: In this article was presented the study of the phenomenon of conscious fatherhood, described and substantiated the design and verification of procedure, as well as the analysis of works of scientists who have made great contribution to the study of conscious fatherhood.

Sardarova presents acmeological approach to issues related to career guidance and professional self-determination of today's youth. Presents biographical information about latove, who was the founder of the psychological school of Yaroslavl. 1, p McClelland., Atkinson., Clark., Lowell. Latova activity is analyzed in detail to establish schools, the issue of criteria for the emergence of scientific school. Psychology and Physical Activity Text /. Keywords: clay code de promo charlelie94 pigeon shooting, the motor and ideomotor shooting exercise, skeet shooting, the ideomotor training in clay pigeon shooting, psycho-neuro-physiological aspects, the kinesthetic data of imaginary movement, motor neurons, the alignment of the sight with the target, the adjustment of the target s defeat program. Moskvin.A., Moskvina.

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