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cake, sauced with an apple and mushroom Frangelico cream sauce. Other items such as fish, oysters, alligator, turtle, etc. Never again, we ate here for dinner (Rue Saint Charles) and we have had the worst meal we have eaten in Paris so far even after living here for 5 months. Foie rockauto promo code gras maison, soupe l'oignon gratine, salade drmoise.

Martini de Crevettes 19, shrimp cocktail served with and avocado, cucumber, red onion salad cocktail sauce. Some crawfish are brought to the processing plant where they are boiled, peeled, and packaged for sell as "Fresh Peeled Crawfish Tails" or flash frozen to sell as "Fresh-Frozen Peeled Crawfish Tails". Ris de Veau Grenobloise 38, sauted medallions of veal sweetbreads in a caper/crouton lemon wine butter sauce. Filet de lieu meunire Fromage ou dessert. Lamb fillet with green beans that came out as lamb chop barely cooked with tinned beans.