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to dictate to music fans how to consume music. Putting information on the packaging about writing the label if you want a digital version was one idea I've heard. And do artists even get paid for digital downloads, or does going to a streaming service to hear their music digitally actually help them more? Patrick Addison, Fat Possum Records, of course it's a discussion. . Mike Sniper, Captured Tracks, honestly there are so many free/cheap streaming alternatives, including, it's kind of hard to reckon with a decision to pay for software to host your own or a free redemption buildout with pre-order. From there, you can also link your profiles on digital audio services like Spotify and Sound Cloud - this will help with curating your record selection each month. Mike Sniper, Captured Tracks, not much,.25 -.30 cents a unit with our current method, which includes free hosting. Depending on the release, 10-25. If other record collectors follow my logic, what does that mean for digital download redemption rates? And if digital download redemption rates are low, how do record labels continue to justify the cost and effort that goes into printing cards, inserting them into albums, and hosting the digital downloads for an indeterminate amount of time?

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We started including them maybe 7 years ago or so when it started to become commonplace. But until streaming services become the new norm, I don't see them going away anytime soon. The more and more that people are going to streaming services to listen to music the more I hear people talking abut abandoning the idea of a free digital download entirely. In proud partnership with Back to Black. Phil Waldorf, Secretly Group, we have, but my suspicion is that its phasing itself out without us reinventing the wheel.