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for underwater shooting, because it has a brightening effect that captures more realistic video and color underwater. Sharpness Determines the amount of detail the imaging system will reproduce and brings clarity to your images while maintaining their real color. While we make every effort to check and confirm prices, these products are sold by third party affiliates and are subject to prices changes without our direct knowledge.

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Slow Motion, takes a clearer, closer look at the action you capture by slowing down the speed of the video. New Gyro RSC Stabilizer, shaky video is the most common sports camera issue. Record Audio Turns audio on or off while recording video. Variety of Quality Accessories ) 3) Is my camera equipped with an image stabilizer? The remote WiFi feature enables you to control your action camera using a smartphone or tablet. Quality Offers 3 different quality settings. Click Here for more amazing offers from our partners! J'aimerai savoir ce que vous pensez de cette camra, la TecTecTec xpro2 actuellement 100E sur Amazon (Vendu par Direct-Sports qui est agr et expdie par Amazon.) /gp/2O6, apparemment rien de bien folichon. UV filters that are compatible with the sjcam or SJ4000 cameras will also work with the xpros.