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dangerous as it immediately slows down the central nervous system, tricking the brain to think you are relaxed both mentally and physically. The possible side effects include irritability, aggression, impulsive behavior, and agitation. But that doesnt mean that the damage didnt begin immediately. A good analogy to explain how chemotherapy works is to imagine that you are in a swimming pool, and someone dumps a ton of toxic pesticide next to you just to kill a few bugs in the water. The truth is they can cause short and long-term health problems. It used to be illegal for pharmaceutical companies to push legal drugs onto people, but now with the rise in drug advertisements the number of people using them has snowballed. Source: ml m/medication-depletion ws/ mashshare). If you feel caught up in the pharmaceutical drug web, then you should ask yourself if taking a pill to mask symptoms based on bad lifestyle choices is the right way. Rotavirus Vaccine, the RotaTeq vaccine created. Chemotherapy kills good gut bacteria and lowers human immunity.

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Simple cuts such as a minor internal injury can be fatal because its next to impossible to stop the bleeding. People focus more on rapid relief from their symptoms, rather treatment or even prevention. If you combine benzodiazepines with anti-depressant ssris ( Prozac and Zoloft it can increase the toxicity of benzos. FDA noted that these drugs could worsen depression. Doing so, the person loses their ability to fight cancer and even other diseases. Some pharmaceutical medicines can cause you immediate physiological damage, keep reading to find out which ones! Fooling the central nervous system to relax leads to many side effects. What happens with chemo is that it turns the body more acid and because of that, more cancer cells can thrive. However, the damage these drugs do to your liver might not show until weeks or months later. The majority of flu vaccines have a significant amount of aluminum, mercury (listed as thimerosal and formaldehyde. Hallucinations and increase suicidal thoughts are some of the vast lists of side effects of benzodiazepines. And blood thinners can drain critical nutrients from your body daily.