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large cuts in public spending (notably in payments to the unemployed) to avoid a budget deficit. Macdonald (third from left) in 1906, with out of africa coupons other leading figures in the party In 1906, the LRC changed its name to the " Labour Party amalgamating with the ILP. English History: (1965) Thorpe, Andrew. 51 In international affairs, he also convened a conference in London with the leaders of the Indian National Congress, at which he offered responsible government, but not independence, to India. Although disappointed at the harsh terms of the Versailles Treaty, he supported the League of Nations but by 1930 he felt that the internal cohesion of the British Empire and a strong, independent British defence programme might turn out to be the wisest British government. Second government and National government (19291935) edit Further information: Second MacDonald ministry Second Labour government (19291931) edit The strong majority held by the Conservatives gave Baldwin a full term during which the government had to deal with the 1926 General Strike.

His funeral was in Westminster Abbey on 26 November. MacDonald appointed the first ever woman cabinet minister Margaret Bondfield as Minister of Labour. In any case, it had little impact on the Labour vote, which actually increased. 59 However, the Government's fate was determined by the " Campbell Case the abrogation of prosecuting the left-wing newspaper the Workers' Weekly for inciting servicemen to mutiny. Get Deal Online Offer Coupon Expired Santa Weekend Breaks At Aviemore From 559 Per Family Of Four You'll be sure to enjoy a great time with your loved ones on this Christmas by staying at this lovable holiday destination. The events of 1931, with the downfall of the Labour government and his coalition with the Conservatives, led to MacDonald becoming one of the most reviled figures in the history of the Labour Party, with many of his former supporters accusing him of betraying the. Britain Between the Wars, (1955).

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