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one to change hard gold for spalt, And no alloy's in her, that debonaire Shall hold my faith and mine obedience Till, by her accolade, I am invested. Note I have left one or two points of this play unexplained in the opening notice. Come, play the biwa yourself. When he died suddenly in England the Japanese government sent a warship for his body, and the priests buried him within the sacred enclosure at Miidera. Onde ti vien si nova crudeltate?

Benevenuto says so positively, 'alter oculus Florentiaef In the Decameron we hear that, 'He was of the best logicians in the world, a very fine natural philosopher. It is a sort of personal or living mask, having a ghost-life of its own; it is at once a shell of the princess, and a form, which is strengthened or made more palpable by the passion of Awoi. On the seventh day the god had pity, and appeared to her and said, 'If you wish to become a hannya go to the Uji river and stay twenty-five days in the water.' And she returned rejoicing to Kioto, and parted her hair into five. When we know more of overtones we will see that the tempo of every masterpiece is absolute, and is exactly set by some further law of rhythmic accord. 21 The difference between popular and savant music is very likely the same as that between lace and packing cloth. Take hands against the wind here, for it presses the clouds and the sea. The ground is hollowed out under the stage to the depth of four feet.

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Not sky is here, but the beauty; and even here comes the heavenly, wonderful wind. I know well whose honor sinketh, And who 'tis that shame consumeth. 155 viii Autet e has entrels prims faoills Son nou defors li ram eil renc E not ten mut bee nigola Nuills auzels, anz braia e chanta Cadahus En son us: Perjoi qu ai d' els e del terns Chant, mas amors mi asauta Quels. Chorus The young sprite now is arrayed, she assumes the curious mantle; watch how she moves in the dance of the rainbow- feathered garment. So far as the personal Matilda is concerned, the great Countess of Tuscany has some claims, and we have nothing to show that Giovanna was dead at the time of the vision.