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avoid using the word race when describing our events. The ticket will also grant access to the additional amenities in the Mini Mudder Village. Kiss of Mud.0 - Crawling over flat land with barbed wire overhead? Tough Mudder isnt just about event day, its about your entire Mudder journey-from the adrenaline rush of committing to the glory of that finish line beer. Aid Stations: 5 Water First Aid Stations Awards: Tough Mudder Respect Awards Special awards are given to participants who have completed the race after overcoming serious illness, injury or misfortune. You pause to gather your cojones, then try to run through the live wires without getting shocked (impossible).

promo code plantet

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Click "About" above to hide this text again 596, past Events, 62 other upcoming races. ShawShanked - Get your Andy Dufresne on and take on the slow, steady crawl through an inclined, mud-infested (yes, its only mud) tube leading out to a backwards drop into a water pit. With the right amount of training and preparation, you can complete a Tough Mudder. Euphoria is one word people often use to describe finishing. If youre crazy enough to think that 24 hours of torture sounds like fun, then youre eligible. The first half of the obstacle: monkey business as usual. Well this is nothing like that. However, if you are skipping an obstacle just to improve your time, then we think you are only cheating yourself. This year, being a spectator at Tough Mudder is now nearly as exciting as running one.

What do you do next? You are no exception to that rule. Cry Baby - While whining has never been tolerated on course, an exception might (we said might) have to be made for this never-before-seen tearjerker of an obstacle. Cleats wont help in fact theyll be worse on your feet and are dangerous for the other participants.

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