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insist on staying right by the river and eating only at touristy restaurants with English menus, this city can be quite a bargain. Valletta is historic and interesting, but honestly most people come to Malta for the climate, so most hotels are in Sliema or farther up the coast. Picasso War and Peace Museum in Vallauris, displaying two monumental works. They are on the west coast a bit north of Florence, so they are a bit out of the way if you are headed to Rome. Similar to Paris, Rome is crammed with amazing sights too numerous to mention, but unlike Paris, Rome can be a frustrating place to visit. The prices for high-end restaurants vary far too much to be meaningful here, so we chose a reasonable and lower standard, that should allow for meals and drinks in hotel restaurants and bars, rather than at the cheapest places in town. That is why we have created this list of all of Europe's top tourist cities ranked from cheapest to most expensive for those on an average budget and sharing a 3-star hotel room for two people. How the 3-Star Traveler Index works.

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The only trick is that it's in a remote corner of Europe, so people don't just wind up in Lisbon by accident. As you can see, the cheapest city is over four times cheaper than the most expensive, so this information can help travelers choose destinations on based partly on how far their budget will go in each city. It can still be quite expensive during July and August, when most French are filling their own beaches, but in other months it's not too bad. You'll notice that the cities at the bottom of the list will cost more than four times as much per day as those on the top of the list, so choosing which cities to visit can make a huge difference in your overall budget. At least Florence hotels are cheaper than those in Rome, so it's a popular base for those exploring Tuscany or visiting nearby Pisa as a day trip. During summer things can get quite crowded, however, even as half the locals have fled for the beaches. Any first-time visitor who wants to see the main sights should read our review of the Vienna Pass, as it may be ideal. It's the traffic and general sense of chaos (multiplied by the summer heat) that wear on visitors.

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