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the planet that makes as many accessories for their racks as Rogue does; dip station, spotter arms, landmines, reverse hyper, and on and on I could. Be sure and compare features to the other half racks listed especially the HR-2. Its compact, durable, and affordable, and there are countless accessories available for the Infinity line. . Body Solid Multi-Press Rack for Basement Gyms Short Commercial-Style Squat Rack, ideal for basements with low ceilings.

Assuming that you dont already have an SML Squat Stand, the HR-2 sells for 655 for the 92 high rack and 725 for the 108 high rack. It has a code promo luxyline fairly large footprint though; 72 x 48, so its not exactly the space saving award winner. For 699 shipped youre looking at a unit with spotter arms, pull-up bar, bar storage and plate storage already included in the price. Get the parts that you want, not the ones you dont. . So much so that the reason the guy has both racks is because hes replacing that Titan with the R-3; the rack he probably wishes he had picked up in the first place. It ships with sandwich-style J-cups, 25 safety spotter arms, and a pair of storage horns for storing plates near the base of the uprights. There is no reason to spend that kind of money and not get a pull-up bar, or to not have the option to bench or adjust for height. Downside of a basement gym, I suppose.

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