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you can use the DigitalLeaves code when signing up with LeapIn, so both you and I will get a 100 discount. Instead, you add a clause to your invoice: The purchase is liable to Intra-Community supply 0, Reverse charge. Consumables or expendable equipment for your professional activity. After some years managing my business, I know the tricks of the trade. The tax subject -the person to be taxed for dividends- is the company, and not you (as an individual). They are especially wary about trips to your home country, especially during the holiday seasons. Sign up to become a driver here. You have to go with Uber instead. Lunch meals, but only the part of your customer. Whats a digital service? Do I need A VAT Number?

When you get the money out to your personal account. As an exception, if you are selling your services to an Estonian company, you need to add Estonian VAT to your invoice. However, some of them may try to rip you off with crazy rates, especially if you hail a cab on the street. Did you enjoy this article? I experimented with renting a CarGuru, which turned out to be very expensive This time I searched cars at the peer to peer car rental. Its made for side-hustling at Taxify because its the only night of the year when taxi fares literary skyrocket, lets find out how much money youd made if you hadnt partied on New Years Eve and drove for Taxify instead! 2) If you are interested in booking apartment or room then definitely visit m (here you will get 25 bonus credit for accommodation after registration). This is actually pretty cool. Download link and instructions are here. I use LeapIn, one of the Business Service Providers recommended by the e-Residency program. Calculator How Much Will I Pay for my Route?