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some photometric data from Bosch so in the meantime I decided to test the lighting head to head to see how each unit actually performs. This is a thorny one. That oil stain in the photo is where Steve Jobs used to park his old splitty :-). Relays used with stock wattage bulbs can bypass the high resistances in the headlight circuit and send as much voltage to the headlights as possible maximizing the light output.

Again, the SAE M standard determines the beam pattern, not the labeling. The guidelines for lighting state that a road going vehicle needs to have lights at least 22" above ground. I'll refer to these H4 units as European E-code headlamps because they are the most popular.

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For the simple reason that the lighting that VW equipped every US-based bus and bug with is based on 1940s sealed beam technology. While very rarely used on modern vehicles, The 7" round headlamp was standard equipment on millions of vehicles worldwide, including tens of millions of VWs until USA requirements were relaxed in 1983 when replacement bulb headlights were legalized which allowed the lamp designs to improve. Conversely, an E-code SAE M lamp which isn't marked DOT isn't a defacto auto lamp. My belief in the suitability of the motorcycle labelled H4s on the VW bus has never been in doubt but now we have some evidence that the Bosch H4 motorcycle lamp, while different is not grossly inferior to the Bosch H4 auto lamp. Lamps: buy Bosch units (40/ea). Design Differences: Sealed beam headlights are just as they sound: like an incandescent light bulb in your house, an exposed filament is sealed inside the housing with a vacuum. Couple this with the fact that testing standards are obscure and that manufacturers tend not to fully label their products and you have a confused consumer.

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